Whether you feel stuck, muddled or are lacking in confidence or direction, working alongside a personal development coach can help you move forward. You could be making a transition at work, going through redundancy or need to develop your communication skills.

It is a one to one process designed to see yourself, your situation and your choices from a different perspective.  And to use that new insight to guide and inform your way forward.

My role: I’m committed to help move you forward in the direction you want to go.  I help to create the conditions for you to learn about yourself – so change can occur. As a professional development coach, my job is to hold you accountable to your ambition, goals and plan. A coaching role is one that can’t be played by partner, husband, board member or friend.

Your role:  It’s your job to take our conversations and strategies and turn them into action. You’re the driver on this journey.  I expect you meet your commitments and invite you to keep an open mind and have fun. You set the agenda for each session.  We explore the issue and you will leave the session with greater clarity, confidence about what to do next and potentially more communication strategies and skills.

Confidence Coaching

Much of my confidence coaching work helps professionals to succeed without their inner critic. At best, the voice of the judge can erode our capacity to perform – and at worst it can and or it can drive us to burn out. Personal development coaching can help you to become the best version of yourself both at work and home.

If you recognise the following, I’m here to help:

  • Troubles asking for you want and need
  • A loud inner critic
  • Strong people pleasing tendencies
  • Communicating with clarity and confidence
  • A tendency to beat yourself up

Leadership Coaching

I believe that all parts of people’s lives – from work, to relationships, personal growth and finances – are interrelated and should be addressed as such. How we are in our personal lives has a deep impact on our day-to-day working lives, and vice versa.  Whether you call it leadership coaching, personal development coaching or business coaching is up to you – because  you will drive the agenda.

An Experienced Development Coach

I was trained by The Coaching Federation in 2006. At the time, it was the only ICF accredited course available. I’ve also been trained up to Masters level in Neuro Linguistic Programming by John Seymour. Since then, I’ve worked with leadership teams at Coca Cola developing their communication skills, board directors of a global firm – concerned about their personal impact, MDs of tech companies and those with brilliant, technical minds who struggle to articulate their complex ideas and many more.


“Melissa’s coaching style was effective and has contributed greatly to our productivity. Communication can be an issue for us and having personally taken the company from 2 to 50 people sometimes it’s difficult for me not to provide ‘the benefit of my expertise’.  However I now recognise I have to consider my interventions very carefully to enable the team to solve the problem from their own resources.  Since the coaching programme, I have noticed my team are communicating more effectively. Particular individuals are more integrated, assertive, and motivated.  Furthermore, the group seems to have increased respect for each other. I am sure the benefits will continue to accrue.”

Adrian Palmer Greaves, Managing Director Knowledge Solutions