Sales training is ten a penny. But selling insurance requires a different approach to other products and services. This is partly down to the regulations, the jargon and complexity. But mostly because it’s something that hardly anyone wants to buy. Not only that, the competition is fierce, aggregator sites are driving prices down and the market is hardening.

Develop winning sales techniques

From lead generation to articulating your proposition, asking powerful questions and unearthing needs to demonstrating the value you offer, turning objections into opportunities and getting it across the line, my sales training courses cover all of these topics.

Motem’s sales training courses

It could be an overview you’re interested in or else a deep dive into one area of the sales process. The sales training programs are informed by psychology, neuroscience and the latest thinking in learning and development.  But most importantly they get results.

Who is this sales training for?

The training courses cater for Account Executives and Handlers who have new business targets and want to improve their conversion rates.  They conduct their sales meetings face to face and over the phone and may not have had much formal sales training. There are also sessions for leaders who want to instil a sales culture in their firm.

Sales training in London

There are a variety of delivery methods – of course it’s all digital at the moment. But previously you’ll have found me in all the major cities in the UK with insurance hubs, delivering sales training in London, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham.

Online sales training courses

In this rapidly changing environment, insurance brokers need to hone their sales techniques and communication skills so that they earn the trust and confidence of their prospects and clients. So if you’re looking to make yourself memorable and learn practical sales techniques, then take a look at Motem’s range of courses.


We began working with Motem Ltd only 6 months ago and have already seen a marked improvement in our sales team’s methods. Our conversion rate for new business has improved to a 30%+ average and resulted in the team hitting their annual target with nearly a month to run.”

Tom Forster. Divisional Director. Lycetts

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