I believe the quality of our lives, depends on the quality of our communication.

Motem’s human (aka soft) skills courses

It’s time to humanise the way we communicate about money.

If you’re a financial services professional struggling to communicate effectively and connect meaningfully,
you’re in the right place.

Maybe you’re keen to ACE YOUR ANNUAL REVIEW.

Perhaps you’d like to write reports, emails and letters that clients want to read.

You might wish you could stop feeling like an imposter.

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Business Writing

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Confidence Courses and Training

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Communication Training

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A speaker and specialist in communications training

You could be organising a conference or an away day and keen to ensure your content is fresh, motivating and practical. For more information, check out my speaking page.

“Motem” is inspired by the Latin word – motus – which means to move and to make progress.

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Virtual meeting communication skills

5 days to better engagement

How do you get clients to come their annual review without a lot of chasing?

It’s tough.

Because if clients won’t engage, you can’t ensure your advice is still suitable.
Nor can you charge for your recommendations.
Nor demonstrate compliance.

But when your communication improves, your engagement goes up, your client’s commitment increases and you save time.

Everyone wins.

So, I’ve put together a free 5 day email course designed to increase your uptake.

You can expect principles, tips, common mistakes and subject line examples.

Because you can’t ace your annual review if they won’t attend.

Click below to enrol:


Communication courses in London, Bristol and online.

Many of the communication and confidence sessions can be run virtually. Especially if it’s writing skills you’re looking to develop.

Or you can access some short sessions to help you Ace your Annual Review or Overcome Imposter Syndrome.

I’m based in Bristol but tend to travel a lot to London, Birmingham and other major finance hubs in the UK.

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