Consumer Duty is all about Communication

Clients will need to evidence their understanding of your advice. Therefore the way you explain your recommendations have got to be simple, clear and relevant.

You’ll find a range of communication and writing courses below that will help. 

Communicate for Impact – Skills Training Courses

My online programme shows paraplanners, advisers and support staff how to transform their writing. You’ll learn how to avoid long-winded explanations and craft letters and reports that clients want to read. This means you can get more done, enhance your reputation and reduce any concerns you may have over Financial Ombudsman Service complaints being upheld.

Here are the some of the topics that are covered in my communications skills training courses:

  • How to be concise without misconstruing meaning
  • How to use a framework to explain technical concepts to a non-technical audience
  • How to ensure that your requests are clear and easy to understand to avoid chasing for information
  • How to write so that your emails get opened, read and actioned
  • How to strike the right tone to build trust
  • Techniques to proof read documents

Writing training for paraplanners and advisers

Whether you are writing suitability reports, letters, emails or articles, your messaging needs to be clear, simple and easy to follow.  

With so much technical information to convey, it can be challenging to discern what a consumer actually needs to know, in contrast to what you’d like to tell them.  Being concise, whilst still demonstrating your credibility, can also prove to be difficult. 

However, complex ideas don’t have to sound convoluted and clear disclosure doesn’t have to be dull.

If you’d like your team to go through the Communication for Impact programme you’ll find the GROUP option is for you.

If you’d like to go through the Communicate for Impact programme as an individual then the DIY or SOLO option is for you.

Motem’s business writing courses 

My business writing courses are engaging and practical. They will steer you away from communication mistakes, help you to write clearly and concisely and – ultimately – help your clients to achieve their objectives.  Whether you are looking for corporate communications training, communications skills training for your employees or help with anything else writing related, I’m here to help.

An experienced communications coach

I Melissa Kidd – the Director of Motem Ltd – have always been interested in language that effects change. My background is in psychology and communication. My great grandfather ran an advertising agency, which passed down the Kidd family, so I come from a long line of communicators. When I first stepped into the world as a freelancer – it was as a copywriter. I’ve since been trained by the Plain English Campaign, am a master NLP practitioner and a certified coach.

Online Communications Courses 

Most of my sessions can be delivered virtually to help you to hone your speaking and writing skills. If you are interested, please do get in touch. 

Communications Courses in London, Bristol and Online

Most of my communications courses are held in London, Bristol and other major UK cities. You can see me speak at a range of upcoming events.

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