“I’ve worked with Melissa on simplifying and creating more engaging client communications within the world of financial services where the use of jargon and gobbledegook is common place. We delivered online sessions during the COVID pandemic attracting an audience of over 1000.

Feedback from delegates was incredibly positive with one person stating that they learnt for from spending an hour with Melissa than all their years at school. I highly recommend Melissa and her practical approach to improving communication.”

Jon Dear, Partnerships and Member Engagement Director, Personal Finance Society

My communication skills training courses are here to help you communicate with confidence and clarity. For financial services firms, there’s never been more of a need to be transparent. The FCA have called for smarter consumer communications; more work needs to be done to tackle the trust deficit. 

Motem’s range of business writing courses are here to help your organisation to win trust. 

Win new business with my Communication Skills Training Courses

My courses show professionals in the finance sector how to transform their writing. You’ll learn to avoid long-winded explanations and to craft letters and reports are that are easy for clients to understand. This means more can get done, reputations are enhanced and concerns around non-compliance or law suits are reduced.

Your approach to writing will depend on whether you are writing to inform or influence. Structure, tone, grammar, punctuation and language are all important aspects of writing – whether you are writing a blog post or a suitability report.

  • Here are the some of the topics that are covered in Motem’s communications skills training courses:
  • How to be concise without misconstruing meaning
  • How to use a framework to explain technical concepts to a non-technical audience
  • How to ensure that your requests are clear and easy to understand to avoid chasing for information
  • How to write so that your emails get opened, read and actioned
  • How to strike the right tone to build trust
  • Techniques to proof read documents

Writing training for paraplanners

Whether you are writing suitability reports, letters, emails or articles, your messaging needs to be clear, simple and easy to follow.  

With so much technical information to convey, it can be challenging to discern what a consumer actually needs to know, in contrast to what you’d like to tell them.  Being concise, whilst still demonstrating your credibility, can also prove to be difficult. 

However, complex ideas don’t have to sound convoluted and clear disclosure doesn’t have to be dull. The business writing courses for paraplanners is here to help you write with precision and character.

Motem’s business writing courses 

Motem’s business writing courses are engaging and practical. They will steer you away from communication mistakes, help you to write clearly and concisely and – ultimately – help your clients to achieve their objectives.  

Whether you are looking for corporate communications training, communications skills training for your employees or help with anything else writing related, Motem is here to help.

An experienced communications coach

Melissa – the brains behind Motem – has been trained by the Plain English Campaign and began her freelance career as a copywriter. After becoming interested in how language could change behaviour, she studied Applied Psychology to masters level.  

Motem’s business writing courses can be tailored to your specific needs and work within the context of the FCA recommendations.

Online Communications Courses 

Motem is currently developing online communications courses to help you to hone your speaking and writing skills. If you are interested, please do get in touch. 

Communications Courses in London, Bristol and Online

Motem’s Communications Courses in London, Bristol and beyond will return once restrictions allow. 

Courses available

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