About Melissa Kidd

“Effective communication isn’t about what you write or say, it’s about what happens after you’ve said it.”

Andy Bounds

This quote has stuck with me ever since I heard Andy Bounds say it.

It guides how I write, speak and teach.I also believe that the presence of empathy and curiosity in our relationships, means stronger connections, clearer communication and more productive teams. Whether that means on a sales call, in a team meeting or at the juncture of a difficult conversation.

I have a wealth of experience in the financial services sector – built up largely through working with the Chartered Insurance Institute since 2012, Allianz since 2016 and NIG since 2015. As well as working with accountancy and pension firms, I have spoken at a number of HSBC conferences on building effective relationships.

My background is in psychology and marketing so I have an insight into what makes us tick and how language can effect change.  Much of my work involves helping brokers to write more business through growing their network, IFAs to stand out in their market, underwriters to negotiate effectively and claims professionals to confidently hold challenging conversations.

Prior to specialising in the finance sector, I coached employees within Coca Cola, the Royal Mail and taught within institutions such Bristol and Bath University – where I helped PhD students to articulate the value of their complex research to prospective buyers. And before that, I worked in marketing where I won awards for my work in public relations and ability to communicate stories.

At times, I work with a range of associates to ensure that the material is robust and at the forefront of new thinking and research.

Helping professionals to communicate more effectively

Improving the way we communicate can improve the quality of our relationships – both at work and home. This in turn improves the quality of our lives. Our ability to connect with others, build trust, manage conflict, and communicate effectively is more important than ever. Job insecurity is rife, AI is on the rise and trust in the finance sector is low. This means the value of your communication skills are at an all time high. You’ll find a range of courses, workshops and coaching opportunities that can help to hone your skills and relationships.

Work Coach in Bristol and London

Bristol is where Motem is based but I regularly work in London. Or at least did before the pandemic. Now much of my coaching and training work is conducted online via Zoom.

How to get in touch

If you’re interested in my soft skills training, public speaking, coaching or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.