Looking for a speaker?

Whether you’re organising an annual conference, a quarterly off site or an event for your members, finding the right person can be tough.

You need someone that your audience will love and learn from. A speaker that can inspire, impact and educate. A speaker that will get your audience thinking by offering insights. A speaker with a track record of building confidence and expanding comfort zones.

As a keen observer of the world around me, I can both inspire audiences and leave them with actionable change strategies.  You can see me at a range of upcoming events.

My topics include:

  • Finesse your First Meeting
  • Ace your Annual Review
  • Make your Message Stick
  • Conversations that Connect
  • Make yourself Memorable
  • Effective Communication for High Performing Teams
  • Expectations, experience and emotions – make your clients feel special
  • In Pursuit of Less But Better
  • Rules of Readability

What have others said?

“Your Ace your Annual Review session was the highest attended from the week and the feedback was an average of 9/10 – which is amazing – especially as we have nearly 90 evaluations completed.
July Le Broq, Value of Advice Festival, St James’s Place, May 2024

“Your session “Writing for Readability” received an average score of 4.89/5 for your delivery and 4.85/5 for the relevance of your content. These were the highest of the day.
Feedback from the PFS Purely Paraplanning Conference, May 2024.

“Your session received an average rating of 8.6 for content and delivery. A number of people noted that your session was very valuable and in particular the ‘biscuit’ metaphor struck a chord widely.” 
Shannon Taylor, Saltus
Feedback from Expectations, experience and emotions – make your clients feel special

“Melissa’s talk is scoring 8.24/10, which is brilliant. Among the highest of the day.”
Andy Hart, Humans Under Management
Feedback from In Pursuit of Less but Better

“I was at the PFS Duty Bound conference event yesterday and I thought your final session: “How to Ace your Annual Review” was the best of the day and very insightful.”
Richard Davies, Chartered Wealth Management Consultant at Peter Harding Wealth Management

You can watch my In pursuit of Less But Better talk at Humans Under Management below:

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