What makes Motem different and unique?

Sector specialism:

I specialise in the finance sector where trust, reputations and relationships are key to being competitive. I have worked with large and small organisations many of whom needed to forge stronger relationships and be clearer in their communication.

Subject matter expertise:

I have a deep understanding of what makes people tick and communication stick.  This comes from my psychology background and curiosity. This combined with an appreciation of the complexity of the finance sector (the insurance industry in particular) is a rare mix.

Relevance and result driven

Delegates will always be contacted in advance of the workshop to understand their challenges in order that these can these can be incorporated in the session to make it as relevant as possible. Coaching calls following the sessions can also be arranged to help them put into practice their learnings.

Highly practical:

It is deeply important to me that you’re able to put into practice what you’ve learnt the next day. Theory is kept to a minimum. Motem comes from the latin word to move – so it’s crucial that you feel motivated to apply what you’ve learnt.

In “other ”words:

Thought provoking, refreshing, insightful, fun and engaging are words that are often used to describe the sessions. (Powerpoint slides are minimal)

Repeat business:

Around 90% of all Motem’s business is by referral.

Professional skills courses in London, Bristol and beyond

Improving the way we communicate can improve the quality of our lives – both at work and home. Our ability to connect with others, build trust, manage conflict, and communicate effectively is more important than ever: job insecurity is rife, AI is on the rise and trust is low. Whether you need to improve your writing, negotiate more effectively, handle difficult conversations or motivate your team, you’re in the right place.

Motem is built on the belief that the presence of empathy in our relationships means stronger connections, clearer communication and more productive teams. Informed by cutting-edge psychology research and the latest thinking in neuroscience, you’ll find the soft skills courses practical, engaging and relevant.

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Privacy Policy

Last modified: 22/02/2022 The key thing for you to know is that I, Melissa Kidd, Director of Motem Ltd will not sell your data