For many decades, the FMCG industry has enjoyed undeniable success. But technology-driven trends have disrupted the marketplace. Furthermore, according to recent McKinsey research, millennials are almost four times more likely than baby boomers to avoid buying products from “the big food companies.”

This has meant teamwork within these FMCG firms has never been more important. But today teams are far more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic (with frequent changes in membership) than they used to be. But while teams face new hurdles, their success still hinges on a core set of fundamentals for group collaboration.

Research shows that what matters most in collaboration is not the personalities, attitudes, or behavioural styles of team members. Instead, what teams need to thrive are four “enabling conditions.”  These are:

  • Compelling direction
  • Strong structure
  • Supportive context
  • Shared mindset

Previously, Melissa was involved in a leadership coaching programme with Coca Cola. This initiative brought leaders together France, Belgium and the UK to develop as professionals and people during a 3 day challenge event.

Retail case studies

Coke Team are made of more than fizz and froth. Coca Cola, the world’s number 1 brand, is a massive organisation of 70 000

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