Motem’s negotiation training can help you to strike a good deal. Though it is a key part of the insurance profession, trainees often aren’t taught the right skills to negotiate effectively.  Without the right approach, you can roll over too quickly when faced with push back, weaken relationships and end up writing business or that is not as profitable as it could have been. 

Negotiation strategies 

As an insurance broker, there are so many things you need to negotiate – from getting the last shout, the premium, the cover, surveys and whole lot more. It’s highly complex with so many factors to consider, so there is a lot more to a negotiation strategy than simply knowing what your bottom line is. Furthermore, when you have a strategy in place, you’re in a stronger position to negotiate with intelligence, flexibility and power.

Learn how to negotiate successfully  

To be a successful negotiator in this complex insurance environment, you need to be:

  • Strategic and responsive
  • Flexible and able to hold your ground
  • A good listener and strong communicator 
  • Able to anticipate challenges and solve problems creatively 

In insurance, moving the conversation away from price and emphasising value are key. This is a skill that is covered extensively in Motem’s negotiation training programmes. 

Motem’s negotiation courses 

Motem’s negotiation skills courses are interactive, practical and always incorporate insurance case studies and scenarios.  The material has been drawn from a range of fields – hostage negotiation, mediation, psychology and, of course, insurance.

This means you leave with sharpened negotiation skills and more confidence to reach agreements whilst strengthening your relationships.

If you want to find out more, here are the negotiation courses we are currently running: 

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