mental health reminders

5 healthy reminders

Ahead of world mental health day on Sunday 10th October, I wanted to share 5 healthy reminders, which are things that I come back to in times of struggle. I hope that you’ll find them useful:

  1. It’s just a thought, I’m having the thought that….
  2. The point of power is in the present moment
  3. Comparing yourself with others is a quick way to misery
  4. This too shall pass
  5. Things don’t have to be OK for me to be OK

I’d love to know what you steady yourself with in wobbly periods?

In other news, I am creating a six-step online self-paced programme designed to give you the skills and support to change the relationship you have with your critic so that you can be freer, stronger and more confident. If you’d like to join the pilot in exchange for feedback, I have a handful of places.  Let me know by filling in the fields below and I can email you more details. I’m aiming to start in December.

In terms of other resources, many of you may have already read this book, as I feel I’m rather late to the party! But I thought it was wonderful: “The boy, the mole the fox and the horse” by Charlie Mackesy. He’s got a beautiful Instagram account too.

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