At a first meeting

Relationship: a dirty word?

Yesterday was disappointing.

I, as a prospective buyer, had an initial meeting with a large accountancy firm in Bristol.  The crucial part of the conversation went a bit like this,

“So what would you say that you do better than anyone else?” I asked, hoping my accountancy-buying decision was just about to get a whole lot simpler.

“We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients.” She said, then stopped.

That old chestnut.

I inwardly groaned.  And while it may be true, a statement like that is problematic for both parties.


It’s abstract.

It’s not a differentiator. It’s not proven. It’s not concrete.

Abstraction kills communication.

If you’re selling your relationship-services, bring your brilliance to life with examples.  It’s all in the little details.

  • What do you do better than your competitors?  This isn’t about how good you are at your job. That’s a given. “We’re not the cheapest but we have a small business package that means you get xyyz”
  • Put your money where your mouth is. Do you have a customer service survey that enables you to quote how happy clients are with your service? (this demonstrates you really do care what they think.)
  • What are the little things you do to go the extra mile?

Abstraction kills communication. Keep it concrete.

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