How to Succeed Without your Inner Critic – 4 part online programme

What is this?

This is a four-part, interactive programme of 1 x hour sessions. It’s designed to help participants develop their self-confidence, increase their motivation and build resilience. Drawing on cutting edge research, the programme is both thought provoking and practical and has received great feedback from participants.

Why is this important?

The UK’s picture of mental health alarming. Stress and anxiety are at record levels which can impact performance and productivity. Therefore, programmes which support mental health and wellbeing at work are now more important than ever.

Who is it for?

 It’s particularly useful for those with perfectionist, people pleasing and imposter syndrome tendancies. Plus those who who want to develop their confidence, feel less anxious and find better ways to motivate without beating themselves up.

What’s involved? 4 interactive 1 hour webinars and 2 x Q&A sessions (1 hour)

The sessions will be interactive and include time for questions as well as reflective exercises. Examples will be given which relate to the insurance and financial services industry.

Part one: your concept of success

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Discern the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation
  • Identify what’s important to you and the goals you are motivated by
  • Recognise why beating yourself up doesn’t work as a long-term motivation strategy
  • Critique some myths about how self esteem is built
  • Examine why many of us are people pleasers and perfectionists

Part 2: Getting to know your critic(s)

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Recognise what the critic is and why we have one
  • Develop your awareness as to when and where it shows up
  • Identify what it says and how it talks to you
  • Reflect on the factors that can cause your critic to be so powerful

Part 3: Tools to help you change your relationship with your critic

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Recognise how to respond to your critic(s) in the midst of an attack
  • Develop strategies and skills to effectively relate to feelings of inadequacy
  • Develop strategies and skills to manage unhelpful thoughts so that you don’t get so consumed by them
  • Recognise ways to respond when there is a grain of truth in what the critic says

Part 4: New ways to motivate yourself without beating yourself up

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Develop healthy habits to strengthen your inner coach not your critic
  • Handle setbacks and situations that don’t go your way
  • Recognise 4 key principles that develop your self respect, esteem and confidence
  • Motivate yourself to do things that you don’t want to do, but need to

What have attendees said?

“Absolutely brilliant, motivating and very inspiring. This programme has certainly changed my thought process and given me more confidence.” Julie-anne Headington, Finance Director, Channel Island Adjusters

“I have found these sessions so helpful, thank you. Yesterday was life changing and actually something so simple but I’ve never thought to do. ”Lucy McCabe, Business Standards Officer, Homes and Legacy

“This thought-provoking programme has been brilliant for cutting myself some slack and realising I am enough. A really good series” Mikki Greenbank Cert.CII, Affinity Partnership Manager, Gallagher

“It’s a reminder that a brain is like a muscle and exercising it in different ways will produce different outcomes! I’m still trying to build and shape my brain back into work mode after returning from my second mat leave, so this programme was a really important part of that as I’m definitely in that point of my career where I’m suffering a major dent in confidence!” Zoe Thomas, Product Executive, Caravan and Motorhome Club


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