Personal Impact and Power

Bringing your boldest self to your biggest challenges

Why this? Our personal communication style can greatly affect how effective we are. Whether you want to be more influential, understand the body language of power or come across more confidently in your conversations, this course can help. It brings together elements of communication, assertiveness and influencing so that you can be clear, confident and sure-footed when it matters.

Who is this for? This is for professionals who need to influence others – be they clients, colleagues or stakeholders.  You could be a new manager looking for some help with your team or else want to ensure you’re as influential when dealing with clients – both face to face and on the phone.

What is it? This practical workshop largely focuses on how we communicate rather than what we say. The tools and techniques, which have been drawn from many fields, such as: psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, communication and acting and can be applied in the situations in which you want to make greater impact.

The emphasis is on creating insight and increasing confidence. We take a detailed look at how you can improve your ability to influence others by ensuring that you are not unconsciously eroding your impact. By the end of the course, delegates will:

  • Gain clarity on the impact that they would like to make in certain contexts
  • Understand how they can address the gap between how they are currently making an impact and how they would like to come across
  • Understand the components of a first and last impression
  • Increase their awareness of unhelpful thought patterns and understand how to change them
  • Spot unhelpful language patterns and create more effective messages
  • Understand the role of body language in turning up and turning down power and reflect on own habits that are getting in the way
  • Effectively match body language to the message or the intention
  • Speak so people will listen – using voice control, emphasis, tone and pitch
  • Use two models to create an effective message and open a meeting with impact
  • Apply the models, frameworks and phrases to relevant situations in which they would like to make a greater impact

Who else has done it?

This session has been run many times for the Insurance Institute of Bristol and sells out very quickly each time.

“First impressions and how you act are just important as what you have to say. Melissa’s ‘Personal Impact, Power and Influence’ workshop helped identify easy fixes to give me greater authority and confidence.

Ultimately the workshop has helped me collaborate with others and work more effectively. Time is at a premium in my role so I was impressed by the way Melissa tailored the training session to meet my individual needs. Doing this fact finding beforehand made everyone who attended feel valued and like they were attending something special. Role play and communication exercises can feel awkward at first but Melissa was able to put all attendees at ease straight away.

I would recommend Melissa’s workshops to anyone looking for high-quality, cutting-edge training to improve those personal skills that can otherwise take years to develop. As a bonus, some of the skills I learned can be put to good use for my speech when I get married next month!” Russell Wright, Head of Workplace Strategic Development, Hargreaves Lansdown

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