Business networking follow up

10 Actions to take after the networking event

Without wanting to sound like a drama queen, unless you follow up after the networking event, then everything you’ll have done up to this point, is more or less going to be a waste of time.  Networking for new business relies on you being disciplined to do this.   You need to do it the next day.

Ask yourself the following questions.

The next day…

  • Do I block out time in my diary to send the personalised nice-to-meet-you emails, any promised information or introductions?
  • Am I adding these contacts to my database to include in my newsletter if appropriate? And making notes on their record so I can remember small personal details?
  • For key prospects, do I invite to connect on Linked In, follow on Twitter, sign up to blogs and their newsletters?

The next fortnight….

  • Do I set up Google Alerts so that I’m informed of their news and if appropriate get in touch?
  • Do I schedule “Keep in touch” reminders into my diary for those key people?

Over the next few months…

  • Do I invite them to events, seminars etc?
  • Do I introduce them to others?
  • If I saw some information that might be of use to them –would I send them a “Saw this and thought of you” email?  For key prospects, are there any useful books that I could send?
  • If they’re an introducer, have I been really specific about who would be an ideal prospect for me?
  • Do  I set up a group of hand-picked professionals that supply our target market?  Could I make this a monthly lunch meeting with the emphasis on passing referrals and supporting each other?

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