How to Get the Most out of Your Team

Why this?

What makes successful groups excel? How do leaders of some of the most high performing cultures and teams around the world drive productivity, motivation and empowerment?  What’s the role of culture when looking at productivity and motivation? You will have a culture in your group. The only question is, will your culture be determined by chance, or by choice

What is this?

This session will share some of the science of successful groups: how to a build cohesive, high-performing culture and also draw on cutting edge neuroscience to show you how to manage with the brain in mind. It offers on-the-ground insight from world class leaders plus practical ideas for action.

It will share what you can do (and avoid doing) to get the best out of your team. As well as including practical ideas for action, the session will draw on cutting-edge neuroscience research so that you create an environment where your team is smarter, more engaged and effective.

What will it cover?

The facilitated session will ask:

What’s the role of culture when looking at productivity and motivation?

  • How important is the company’s culture in driving productivity and motivation?
  • What can you do to shape it if it’s not the kind of culture you want?
  • What are the structures needed?
  • How can we best motivate our team and individuals?
  • Your role as a leader in motivating the team
  • Managing with the brain in mind – How to help your team think more quickly, creatively and collaborate better
  • How do we keep people motivated through change?

How long is it?

Full day – 6 hours

Who has done it before?

This session was designed for the Alumni of the Future Leaders Programme for NIG.  The feedback was captured in this short video.

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“This was absolutely fantastic – Melissa Kidd delivered something wasn’t just relevant but offered loads of things I can take back implement straight away into my team. It was the best learning event I’ve been to for a very long time.”

Juliet Williams – Group Director 360 SME

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