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The Secrets of Successful Business Networking

Become a more confident effective networker

Why this?

In today’s demanding times, the strength of our network has never been more important. But while networking events may be a key route to market, many professionals find them difficult, frustrating and awkward.

Who is this for?

It’s ideal for reluctant networkers who want to become more confident and effective in raising their profile and meeting new contacts.

What will it cover?

The highly interactive and practical session will be structured around what to do before, during and after a typical event to help delegates maximise the opportunities. They will learn how to:

  • Take a strategic approach to developing new relationships
  • Prepare so that they’re networking with a purpose – using a checklist
  • Get started in busy room when they don’t know anybody
  • Get in and out of conversations easily
  • Have the effective 5-step networking conversation
  • Demonstrate their credibility through using conversational stories
  • Follow up professionally without being a pest
  • Use on and offline channels to generate leads
  • Avoid making the one mistake that will ruin their chances of being successful.

How long is it?

2.5 hours

How many delegates can attend?

Up to 40


“After working with Melissa Kidd, the HSBC South West Premier team’s acquisition performance has significantly improved. To be more specific, three months later, the team are 61% ahead of target. And to put that into perspective, this time last year, they were only 8% ahead. We’re delighted!” Frank Mowat, Regional Wealth Director HSBC

“Having previously attended a training session provided by Melissa, she was my first choice when asked to arrange a Networking for Introverts session as part of our Diversity and Inclusion week. Melissa delivered fantastic training, which was tailored to fit the needs of our business and the audience. In the networking session following the training, a number of attendees were able to directly identify a tangible outcome, helping them to network more confidently. Sally Blake, Zurich

After working with Melissa, I have greater insight into the impact I have on others and in considering other people’s communication needs. My networking skills have improved considerably as a result of the training provided by Melissa. She tailored her approach for the people in our Leadership Group and this meant that she got the points across clearly. Her training is always interactive and fun.” Paulina Wheelan, Underwriter, Allianz

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