People are complex.  What motivates one person won’t work for another.  Motem’s teamwork training helps busy leaders to empower and inspire the people around them.

Without motivation, your team may struggle to go the extra mile. Disengagement can lead to targets being missed, and your top talent being lost. Motem’s teamwork courses are for leaders and managers who want to create productive teams that generate business results.

Learn effective teamwork skills

How do leaders of some of the most high performing cultures and teams around the world drive productivity, motivation and empowerment? How can you re-shape your office culture for the better? What structures are needed? How do you keep people motivated through change?  These are just some of team work skills that are addressed in Motem’s transformative training programmes.

Teambuilding activities that deliver results

On these courses, you’ll find a whole host of team building activities to implement in your workplace. You’ll learn different exercises that focus on the specific issues and challenges your team faces.

An important element of effective teamwork is understanding different personality styles within your team. Team building games and activities can reveal a lot about dynamics, roles and styles. The learnings, once reflected on, can drive your team to success.

Motem’s teamwork training courses

Teamwork involves giving and receiving feedback. It involves understanding different personality styles so that you can appreciate what makes others tick and can communicate in a way that resonates. It involves recognising talents and skills of others and respecting differences.

Online teamwork courses

Due to the current pandemic situation, several of Motem’s courses are available online. We are looking forward to continuing teamwork training in London, Bristol and Birmingham once restrictions allow.

“A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other.” Simon Sinek

Courses available

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